Suite 607

Suite 607

  • HBCU Homecoming Kickoff Party

    HBCU Homecoming Pre-Game Party

    IT'S HBCU HOMECOMING SEASON and it is time to Pre-Game! The fact is that you can't hit them all up at once so we are bringing that dope vibe to Brooklyn. Here are the rules: 1. REP YOUR HBCU ALWAYS. 2. YOU must purchase a ticket in advance! This is an...
  • Get your A$% off the Couch

    Get Your A$% off the Couch

    April Walker nailed it with this candid and straightforward motivational book Walkergems: Get Your A$% off the Couch. No Matter what stage you are in your career of life this book is the perfect quick read to motivate you to get moving. There are several...