Get Motivated: Your Everyday Inspiration to Become A Better You

Get Motivated: Your Everyday Inspiration to Become A Better You

Get Motivated: Your Everyday Inspiration to Become A Better You

Do you sometimes wake up unsure of your life purpose or afraid to go after your dreams or simply don't know how? You are not alone. People all around the world suffer from the lack of motivation and it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I too have sometimes sat unsure of my purpose in life, with no desire to do anything and it is a very sad reality at times but it is possible to get out of that funk. As long as you wake up daily your purpose can be fulfilled. Here's some tips for you if you just aren't sure what to do with your life at the moment.

1. Find out who you are. Sometimes you are unsure of our purpose because you haven't fully become who you are meant to be. That takes time. Take as long as you need to become you. Experiment with different professions. Try out different hobbies. Eventually you will discover what you love and can't live without and that will be the boost you needed all along. It comes with time.

2. Breathe. Life comes with many obstacles. Some are harder than others but they all come and go. The key is to get through them. Never let any of life's obstacles discourage you. These temporary setbacks result in major comebacks. Let downfalls push you to get up and work 10x harder. Sometimes we let our obstacles defeat us when all we need is to take a deep breath and relax.

3. Write it down. Create a list of goals that you want to achieve. Even if you don't knock them out immediately, work towards them as much as you can each day. 

4. Give yourself pep talks. Yup talk to yourself! The only person that knows you the best is you. You can't wait for someone else to root for you, you have to push yourself. 

5. Listen to motivational music. Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares", is by far my favorite motivational song. Coming  from the streets of Philly and being incarcerated to owning Rolls Royces and Ferraris and making music with legends such as Mariah Carey, Meek describes how far he has come in life and how he prayed for this. If he can overcome the obstacles he's faced, we all can. The hype beat will also make you want to get up and move and grind. 

6. Listen to motivational podcast. There are people out there who have found their purpose in motivating others. Sometimes we need to hear some words of encouragement to get out of a slump. 

7. Have faith. The sooner you understand that you have come so far already, you'll realize how much more you are capable of. Just keep faith and believe in yourself

8. Focus on you. With social media taking over our lives these days, it's hard to not see what other people are up to. The key is not to compare. What we see may not always be what is. Everyone has their struggles regardless of what they share with the world. Let those who appear to be doing better than you motivate you, not discourage you. Don't let life become a competition. What's for you will always be meant for you.

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Jun 29th 2018 Imani Cumberbatch

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