You already know what time of the year it is!!! HBCU HOMECOMING Season is about to jump off. Now if you went to an HBCU ESPECIALLY in the 90's no offense to any other time, but you know it just hit different after a Different World and School Daze, the campuses were LIT!! 

The beauty of it all was you did not have to go to an HBCU to experience the dope ass vibe and the perfect time to visit was during Homecoming. The style and vibe is unmatched. One thing for sure is you must step on that yard looking fresh. Let us help you with that. 

This saturday 9.21 we are having a HBCU Homecoming Shopping Pop-Up we will have exclusive gear for you to get your wardrobe popping. Show that ex what they are missing....Come through Suite 607 from 2-7pm and pick up something exclusive for happy hour drinks, the club or chilling on campus. Mix and mingle with alumni from several different HBCU's and enjoy the vibe. 

Sep 18th 2019

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