Varsity P visits Suite 607

Varsity P visits Suite 607

On Saturday October 5th, Datwon Thomas Editor in Chief of Vibe Magazine sat with Hip Hop artist Varsity P for an in-depth conversation entitled “Red Tops”. The focus of this discussion was to dig within the layers of children born within the 80s/90s crack epidemic utilizing a lyrical breakdown off P’s debut album “House Down From The Liquor Store”, to share these lasting effects.

To say the least this conversation was both heartfelt, uplifting and empowering. Datwon was amazing with his diligence in asking the tough questions to continue to peel through Varsity P’s story and P was courageous, articulate and passionate with threading the needle through his childhood experiences and how they connect to multiple sides caught within the crossfires or this era.

This is a must watch interview from start to finish.

Nov 21st 2019

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