Top 3! R&B and Hip Hop Card Game

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  • Top 3! R&B and Hip Hop Card Game
  • Top 3! R&B and Hip Hop Card Game
  • Top 3! R&B and Hip Hop Card Game
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What's better that a night of Hip Hop and R& B themed games? Gather your friends and test their Hip Hop and R&B knowledge with this brand new card game created by entrepreneur and music industry professional Lyndsey McFail.

Includes 150 double sided cards and a sand timer

Choose one of 3 ways to play

Karaoke Style 


Get your vocals ready! Play the Original Way, and for every song on the card, if the team in play can collectively sing one line correctly, that team will receive one (1) additional point.

Teams potentially can earn up to three (3) extra points per round plus the points on the cards! Here's how:

  • Guess the name of the artist correctly - receive the points on the card.
  • Sing a line of each song listed on the card correctly to earn an extra point.

*If the team cannot name the artist but can sing a line from each song, they will only receive one (1) point per song. 

Songs Galore


Instead of guessing the artist on the card, the team will try to guess as many songs by that artist within one minute. The Clue Giver selects three (3) cards from the deck. Once the timer starts, the Clue Giver will say the name of the artist on the first card. The team will try to guess as many songs as possible until they exhaust all the songs they know from that artist. If time permits, the Clue Giver will move on to the artists on the other two cards. For every song guessed correctly, the team will receive one point. The Clue Giver cannot participate in naming songs but can hum songs they know by that artist.


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